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[Readers if you are looking for wikipedia information about Zenji Nio, scroll down and you would find wikipedia Zenji Nio entry and previous entries are cancelled.]

I Humility and Honour

Zenji Nio always promotes himself as humble, humble, humble……

According to an established hip hop artist, Duke Panache (when Zenji Nio was Duke Panache), was not an honourable businessman.


I decided to record a whole new mixtape entitled “P. O. S” (Product of Society) in January of 07 to make up for the ‘Stay True’ mixtape being hampered. It seemed at the time that every rapper was coming out with a mixtape or a song bearing a similar title. I had to drop that idea. 

That winter a movie producer by the name of Duke Panache’ emerged and started showing interest in the remaining songs on the ‘Stay True’ mixtape. He put a really good deal on the table which I liked. The plan was simple, we’ll re-record the entire mixtape at our (me and my former label) expense and he (the movie producer) would put them on the soundtrack for his upcoming movie. That plan failed in 2007 because he (the movie producer) fell out with all the producers I worked with and even some artists who were suppose to be on my hooks. I even fell out with my former label over that deal because I wasn’t signed to them and we were having disagreements over percentages of the royalties that were suppose to come from the movie producer. He (the movie producer) brought his own producer to record me and he bought some new beats from one of my other producers who had produced a few songs on the “Stay True” mixtape. When he fell out with that guy I began to question his (the movie producer) judgement. I sensed that he might not have been truthful about the real nature of the deal because things were not going according to plan. I opted out.

Posted by Freddy Will at 8/3/2008 12:18 AM

Freddy Will is a real person, an established hip-hop artist.

(However the above old 2008 link would take you to a 404 screen, that exactly proves the link cannot be fabricated. That was an archived old link.)

II Remember that name because not many people will – Duke Panache

Back in myspace era, not too long time ago, and quite a long time ago, depends.

Duke Panache back in the Myspace era







I also have the myspace profile captured, i.e. whole Duke Panache myspace profile screen together with this picture in the assigned space. The captured myspace image can be subject to professional scrutiny that the youthful Duke Panache photo was not manually cut-and-paste into a background myspace profile image. I did the capturing in case Duke Panache would delete the profile totally later on.

A picture sprach a thousand words. I shall do something I would call ‘Contextual Alignment‘, using this picture to align with his favourite claims, quotes, activities….etc. Let the data present itself, let the data speak for itself.

This guy wants to bring devotion back to Buddhism.








When he was presenting the speech, he was known as Zenji Acharya. We would deal with the title Acharya.

Quote: “want to bring back devotion to Buddhism”

Nebulia’s comment: Seriously???

This guy wrote a Buddhist Bible. And this guy helped athletes won medals in PanAm Game 2015.








Nebulia’s comments: A Buddhist Bible is up to the person to compile it. There was one noble attempt before him: The Gospel of Buddha. This action itself I am neutral, yet I am afraid the 2 pieces of data don’t align.

About winning medals, I have great admiration for the athletes for their hard work and training. I stand by my theory of Placebo Effect. See the newest previous post, Acharya Zen made claims about fighting cancer too.

Surmised argument-> Nebulia: It was Placebo Effect. Zenji Nio: No, my method really worked. It keeps going.

So Nebulia proposes: why don’t we email this blog with this post and let the Brazilian team and other nations’ teams vote?

Not even a Master’s Degree programme possesses this much Buddhist knowledge level with this guy.








His favourable testimonial: “Not even the Masters Program at Delhi University conveys the level of knowledge that Zenji possesses…” – Ashok Bhatia, son of Vimal Chander who worked with B.R. Ambedkar on the Indian Constitution.

I respect the person Mr. Bhatia. With due respect, it is not that I don’t believe Mr. Bhatia the person; but I don’t believe it. 

[Surmised Q&A: but then how did he manage to present audience lectures?

A, with a counter question: how did the legendary American hustler Frank Abagnale teach and lecture Sociology in Brigham Young University? ]

There was Frank Abagnale before him.

[Imagined skeptic critique: Don’t judge a book by its cover, perhaps he’s got serious stuff inside…]

Nebulia: Yeah. He got the opportunities and hardware to prove his stuff, but he passed. He likes to say he lectures along with Harvard professors, but he NEVER wanted to show you his Harvard level lectures in mp3 or pdf.

This guy was a boy monk underwent serious Buddhist training in the Hamilayas.







Nebulia’s comments: seriously, either he was (Hah?); or he was not (and that’s a lie if he claimed so). Both are problematic.

Updated May/June 2019: the additional trail data presented in the previous post “Cancelled wikipedia entry” is a news piece titled “Buddhist Global Superhero…” tells of an unconventional conversion story of adult layman Zen Duke. i.e. was not a boy monk. Hence, readers can more or less reason how the 2nd later version “born of noble Buddhist-Brahmin lineage, junior votary education and training….” came to be.

This guy is a Shrestha Buddhist Brahmin. This guy is (already) the Highest Acharya by the time the picture was taken, with a sexy woman at the background.








Nebulia: Duke Panache in this picture was already the Highest Acharya?

Harmony in Action Conference back in 2012. Nio Acharya was already an Acharya in 2012.










Nio Acharya, who was already an Acharya, looked good. Blazer with a blue-grey shirt.







Nio Acharya looked good too.







Nebulia further comments: well yes, because some years later in 2012 he was already the Highest Acharya Rev. Nio Acharya.

Again, they don’t align at all.


III The most important post of this blog ever, from the compilations

Take from the previous post, Acharya Zen wiki archive. Just the introduction part: 

Acharya Zen is one of the only Buddhist Brahmins from the West whose distinguished lineage authored most of the important Buddhist and Hindu scriptures over the centuries. He uniquely combines Eastern spirituality with Western Motivational Speaking and is the creator of the international epic ‘Karma: The New Revolution’. [1] Filmed all over the world, the epic will explore all aspects of Karma and Redemption from the often quoted axiom of “what goes around comes around” to the role of Karma in various newsworthy events like the apology of Tiger Woods and the death of Michael Jackson [2]. It will also feature powerful real-life stories of Westerners using the principles of Karma or Karma Yoga to overcome serious challenges like adult and pediatric cancerheart-attackshealth-care, the credit crunch, and crime [3]. Acharya Zen is also reviving the legacy of the Buddhist Brahmins who were the original leaders of the major Buddhist traditions from Theravada and Mahayana to Vajrayana and Zen. [4]


This is the 1.5th Generation “no comma” document sample. When Zenji Nio was Archarya Zen.

Nebulia: notice that the above sample, the sentences were written in long sentences with few or no commas grammatically and conventionally applied. Whereas commas were applied, they were for little things division. 

This is the anchor example which anchors the statements I want to make later. Read on.

[Imagined skeptic argument]: well you edited out the commas here in your blog to make the original editor looks good!

[Nebulia]: No, me can’t do this. This info can be compared and examined with wikipedia system archive. Since this info is from wikipedia anyway.

The editor of this wiki post knew Acharya Zen’s details and his project well, down to healing and fighting cancer. Therefore, it suggests that the editor of this cancelled entry wikipost, is the editor of this cancelled entry wikipost.

Now, look at the 1.0 st Generation “no comma” document from Zen Duke – when Zenji Nio was Zen Duke.

It’s a bigger full screen pdf file that readers can take a more detailed look: zen duke robinhoodfilm index no commas 

Original document source: Zen Duke.


From another wikipedia archive, about wiki entry Karma the New Revolution‘s deletion, and an editor known as Truthbeknown888 voting against the deletion, and his derived anonymous anger left in the vast anonymous web:


“I find your allegations to be laughable and outrageous. Please conduct an investigation as I have no idea who this Buddhak character is. I was only referring to the few additions I made to this comprising some of the entries you are referring to. Also, it is not a feature film and therefore theatric release is of no relevance. Finally since you enjoy rampant speculation, lets ask – who really are you? Are you a sockpuppet for Gene 93k? Why do you have such hostility and personal animosity in your attacks? Could you be someone with a personal axe to grind against someone mentioned in this article? A jilted ex? Or perhaps a a white supremacist who does not like “ethnic communities”? Or could you be a Christian militant who does not like “work of the devil”? Or could you be “wikipolice” yourself with a split personality? If you do not like speculative questions like this then why do you engage in them yourself? I can also open an investigation on you for wiki bullies like you with too much time on their hands are responsible for the “edit wars” that have made wiki the laughing stock of the academic world. Personally it has no impact on me if this article stays or goes. But its interesting how much racism is here on Wiki and that is what I stand against. Where an ethnic publication is considered “off-beat” but Playboy is a genuine source. Who makes this call? And how is it that you cannot even tell the difference between a complimentary article and a press release? Basic class on journalism 101! Also, many contributors only make a few changes to the topics that interest them or their communities thereby bringing a level of expertise and knowledge to the subject. 20 year old trolls working out of their mommy’s basements are unable to do that although they can make many more posts. The number of posts a person makes does not add to or detract from his credibility. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Truth be known 888(talk • contribs) 12:53, 30 March 2012 (UTC)”

Nebulia: the content of the rant more-or-less reveals truthbeknown888’s anonymous dark corner character in this anonymous web. Again notice the sentences were written in long sentences with few or no commas. This is stored in wikipedia system, the point is the authority, integrity and standards.

Also examine this: “Personally it has no impact on me if this article stays or goes.” in the Freudian Jungian perspective.

Truthbeknown888 voices for the small community voice; therefore, it suggests that truthbeknown888 voices for the small community voice. 

Refer to this:

I shall quote and paste particular Jonathan Smith’s comments for Mr. Daniel Burke.

Daniel, just thought I’d jump into the debate as I stumbled upon your blog. I have to agree with Lisa on this. Firstly, the trailer starts out with a quote from the Prajna Paramita Sutra—a famous Buddhist sutra and talks about the connection between the martial arts and Buddhism and how the martial arts were founded as Bodhisattva Vajramukti (pardon the spelling but that’s what the voice over says). The film also shows many images of Buddha and the star meditating and talking about “true victory being over the self instead of in conquering others” which is a very Buddhist theme. It ends with a voice over from the Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva who is the Dalai Lama’s favorite author and the most important Buddhist scholar of all time. The film based on what I could gather from the website is about how like Siddhartha Robin Hood overcomes a life of sex and violence and becomes a Bodhisattva. The sex and violence obviously make the film marketable but there is a very strong Buddhist influence throughout. Buddhists throughout Asia see a strong connection between the martial arts and Buddhism and many films like The Last Samurai, Fearless, even Crouching Tiger have a lot of martial arts and Buddhism featured hand in hand. The Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist temple. Even my martial arts sensei is a devout Japanese Buddhist who talks about how the martial arts come from Buddhism and yoga and the biggest martial arts stars including Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal etc have all said the martial arts and Buddhism are linked. Its wrong to see everything through the eyes of the stereotypical western Buddhist who just meditates all the time. The trailer also shows Hood helping lost souls and the poor and a child while fighting others just as is mentioned in the sutras. How much more Buddhist can a 2 minute trailer be and yet target a mainstream audience? Have you seen any mainstream Hollywood epic ever that has quoted from Buddhist sutras and from Shantideva? Ever? Can you name one? Or do you see Buddhists as meditating monks? Thats a cliche and the film’s website has a lot of info on Buddhism. And the film does not claim to be the first Buddhist Superhero but the first Global Buddhist Superhero—the word Global is important. Being the first superhero epic to be filmed in 12 countries does make it the first Global Buddhist Superhero. There is also a reference on the website to it being about a Maha (Great) Bodhi (Buddhist) Sattva (heroic one). Also, sex and violence are a part of our culture and Hollywood—get used to it. But instead of glorifying it like in rap videos and Tarantino movies, this film is putting in a spiritual context. The least you could do is see whats right with the picture before you see whats wrong with it. If its a boring documentary .. no one will see it. If its an action packed blockbuster with martial arts and kama sutra/ tantric sex (both were a part of Prince Siddhartha’s life and are seen as spiritual and religious in Hindu and Buddhist traditions) and references Buddhist sutras and quotes from Buddhist scholars in the voice over .. its not Buddhist enough. What about the violence in Passion of the Christ? When you think of Jesus do you see violence or peace? Did Mel Gibson not have the right to use violence in his depiction? Think about it and reconsider your post. That’s the right thing to do and its so sad that religious blogs will not encourage spiritual films but find fault with them needlessly. There is not 1 Hollywood styled action film you can quote—not one that has this much Buddhist content and still is marketable and yet all you can say its not Buddhist enough. Because Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Indian Buddhists don’t matter. Only blond blue eyed western Buddhists do. But of course. We the glorified White people know more about Asian culture and Shaolin monks and Samurai Buddhist warriors and Bodhi Dharma (seen as the founder of Kung Fu by over a billion Asians) than the Asians … of course. Think about it.
Posted by jonathan Smith—January 24, 2009, 11:39 pm

Nebulia: Jonathan Smith wrote in long sentences with few or no commas in the conventional grammars – pause the longer sentence to make it easier to read. The shown commas were applied for separating little things. 

Also notice the machine-gun short question style one after the other. And look back above at truthbeknown888’s. 

[Skeptic]: Nebulia you edited out the commas to make jonathan Smith look good!

[Nebulia]: Nope, me can’t do that. This is originally from, and can be witnessed by Mr. Daniel Burke in a professional setting. We aim to invite Freddy Will to that professional setting too.

Jonathan Smith knows 3 things or 4 about Buddhism. He was like, “I am white. I know three things or four about Buddhism. Daniel Burke you Buddhism-ignorant white racist!” 


Conclusion from the compilations, of various anonymous names, of various era

Before anything, just do a google ‘Zenji Nio’:

An example found

Very few posts in this honored-by-mayors blog just to occupy one blog and the blog shall take up a google search bandith space allocation.  

And the response was fast! Whew! This contemplating….blog’s last previous entry was August 2017 too. I believe it was a conscious effort, readers are free to decide. Yet I couldn’t help but sigh….receiving awards and honours is a beautiful thing, now they are applied in this way.

Grace Road Church fundamental members received awards from Fiji government

Awards prove nothing. Apply critical thinking, अप्पो दीपो भव appo Deepo Bhava, be a lamp unto yourself:

There are many more Rev. Nio related websites and blogs that occupy the google search bandiths in the sequence, so this blog is pushed and squeezed to a later search sequence. My search attempt currently gives me page 3.

It is working for this blog. There is an instillation of effects shown, the way I see it.

He made it to the top with PM Narendra Modi, good for him. And I meant good for this blog too.

I believe in the exponential power: just one person sees my blog contents, and it will spread, like bacterial fission.

Hmm, as I search over, more and more names, thus more and more names-calling and fighting, more and more related fighting and defending blogs. I work on my own, no sea waves, no raindrops. Just plain Nebulia.

To reiterate: Jonathan Smith knows 3 things or 4 about Buddhism. He was like, “I am white too. And I know three things or four about Buddhism. Daniel Burke you Buddhism-ignorant white racist!” 

This must be the transcendence of evil beyond evil: that he articulates, manipulates the sacredness of Buddhism to commit evil and sacrilege, and he does it so naturally and comfortably. So complicated the personality, so sophisticated the mindset….

Quote again from above:“…I stumbled upon your blog. I have to agree with Lisa on this…” Stumbled upon? Have to agree with Lisa on this? He was Lisa. (For details see “Something more depraved than evil….” post.) Man, I could almost hear Lisa’s California talk.

Now take a deep breath and read carefully with a level-head.  Overall he wasn’t Lisa either. Lisa, jonathan Smith and Anand Prakesh, were thin air personalities creations. His design was to create the image to deceive and harass Daniel Burke: “Look Daniel Burke, these people from all walks of lives are saying you are wrong! Lisa the Californian girl; jonathan Smith who is a fellow white man, and happened to be a Buddhist, felt compelled to join in to say you are wrong; Anand Prakesh the young man of South Asian descent is saying you are wrong! So you must be wrong!”

Why, jonathan Smith, why? If you knew 3 things or 4 about Buddhism, why did you do this? Such evil…The world should see this, the world needs to see this, the world has to see this.

The cancelled wiki-editor, truthbeknown888, jonathan Smith wrote long sentences with few or no commas. It is established that they is the same person. [~ these are representative examples ~ wiki case: well planned, well timed to create and edit a wiki article; jonathan Smith’s case: somewhat well planned, but as a response to Daniel Burke’s; tbk888’s case: spontaneous, capricious, not planned ~ the grammars played out the same.  It’s down to the person’s core psyche level.]

btw: were they different persons, then they were internet trolls; now that it was established they was one person, whose sole purpose was to harass. Legally speaking, would that have constituted criminal harassment?

To conclude, this is the proof, that this is the most important post behind this contemplating… blog ever.

IV Deja Vu all over again – deletion of “Zenji Nio” article entry – truthbeknown888 and professor emeritus

Zenji Nio got deleted again. A count of more than 3 times, incl. this one: Acharya Zen, Karma Revolution, Zenji Nio…

Particularly look at Professor Emeritus:

He registered into wiki to get involved in the Lotus Sutra, but once editor Jonathan Joshua researched and surfaced ‘Zenji Nio’ article to be deleted, Professor E got nervous.

This Professor of East Asian Studies deadly voted to keep Zenji Nio article, why? Because Professor wrote long English sentences with few or no commas! 

Wiki editors incl. Michitaro are intelligent to dig out that Zenji Nio was also Zen Acharya, Zenji Acharya and all that. Quote from Professor: “And if someone with over 100 socks vandalizes a page, is the subject of the page to be held responsible?” Turns out that the Professor himself is a socket. Sigh…..

[Professor you exposed yourself! It doesn’t take the wiki AI algorithm to figure that out. You first came to wiki to edit Lotus Sutra introducing yourself as a Professor in East Asian Studies. Why did you get overly emotionally concerned with a supposedly separate person entity, Zenji Nio?

Additionally, quote from you professor: “As per your suggestion, I will try to re-edit it taking out any and all references that may be seen as controversial.” It’s a Freudian slip. What does Zenji Nio have to do with you, that you like to edit him/that it’s like you are authorized to edit and determine, Zenji Nio wikipage’s “all references that may be seen as controversial”?] Once you said that, I would say they immediately had an understanding in their minds. Plus a new understanding of the 100+ sockets throughout the years.

Framed comments: Professor I thought I like help to alleviate the rooted discriminatory thinking. One of your arguments is: “Times of India says Zenji Nio is an eminent thinker…”  Times of India asserts authority and historicity, yes, that I agree. A newspaper reports data. In this setting, Times of India is the supplementary authority reporting on Zenji Nio’s eminent thinking. Zenji Nio’s ‘eminent thinking‘ should be the primary authority. I have always advocated Zenji Nio should have an online academic depository of essays, lectures, publications, philosophical works, for people to assimilate. So, it is not that they dress down the authority of Times of India.

Now, my thoughts:

that this person-related wiki was cancelled by wikipedia 3 times and more, there is something wrong about him;

that he speaks about the rights and plights of the Dalits, drives funds for the South Asian impoverished girls, there are good things about him (good works are good works, applause and keep it going!);

that nobody knows where he comes from and what he did when he was growing up from a boy to a youth to an adult; that he does not have a Spiritual Director above him, hence in theory, he can claim, say and do whatever he wants – there are doubtful things about him.

Okay so let’s look at one simple criteria, one simple observation., reread truthbeknown888, read professor emeritus and compare

He hasn’t changed a bit over the years. Not at all. He hasn’t changed at all during the years. Not a bit. Easily gets agitated and disturbed, and has his inner demon unleashed, one anathemic stigma of it incl. insulting other wiki editors.

[Skeptic: well, how do you link up “p” and “t”?] Ans. How could a person t impersonate another person p in behaviour and reaction, context, grammar and writing style, temperaments, in the reverse historical chronological time marker order? 

This demonstrates that he has not lived in peace, he has not been able to live in peace. Setting aside the dimensions good and evil, love and hatred, light and darkness, ethics and morality…..setting aside all these, the question is,

If he himself has not lived in peace, if he himself has not been able to lived in peace; if he even could not find solace in God, in Buddhism, what really can he offer you in life?

“Not to oppose error is to approve it

and not to defend the truth is to suppress it;

and indeed to neglect to confront evil, when we can do it,

is no less a sin than to encourage them.”

St Felix III (483 – 492 CE)

  • Found a revenge blog  with only one post after Zenji Nio wiki post got cancelled. Very angry and hateful. The thing is, if one writes something, the primary objective is to make the readers believe and agree, but it attains the opposite 
  • <<= all this fuzz, the subject concerned just needs to setup his own and writes the commentary and theological reflections online. As in the legacy of Karl Barth on the Epistle to the Romans, if it is good, visitors will come.
  • This author invested so much in this, including his soul and its samsara destiny. “We pray…” means he is not atheist. If he believes it is all worth it, we leave it to him.  
  • So far his defense is that this blog is racist, so you readers  should ignore and condemn. Hmm…Remind us of…?
  • His other defense and explanation is that he had a partner and ardent supporter right in the beginning, who worked in a bank. These were the works of that partner who seized every opportunity to defend for him….but during Professor Emeritus showing up, allegedly they already had fallen off friendship….not a very articulate defense. In addition, when wiki editorial board was discussing possible cancellations of the wiki topics related to […..], and truthbeknown888, the Professor would just show up to pledge for keeping, like they were standing by. His ex-friend had to work in a bank. I worked too, or I would have joined in the discussion. Considering now and then, who has more freelance time?
  • [Addenum] He responded to this post with more and more websites: “I have lands, titles, temples, awards, recognitions, associations….!” Essentially he is admitting this post’s information is true – and see this is his kind of Buddhism, as the Lord Buddha gave up his Royalty titles and panhandled food as a beggar. I know this is a puzzling case, because he dazzles you with all kinds of flying colours: co-snap with this minister, co-snap with that religious figure, testimonials…, but stay grounded. Accordingly, this is also an exemplary education model of Buddhism: his websites are about his external associations; this blog is about his internal associations. This is where discernment comes in: do we look at a person’s heart, or do we look at his fancy clothes?

The Buddha weeps.


About Nebulia

I am a maggot. I cannot properly worship my Lord, my Higher, I can only crawl. I shall grow to become a fly, thus I can spin my hands (ever wonder flies spin their hands?) to emulate a worship posture. When my Lord is walking and lecturing with His worshipers, followers, I emulate my worship with tears of joy, from far away on a waste hill; and with tears of lament, as I am full of filth. I wish not to fly near Him, I wish not to stink Him. He would hear my feeble voice from far away. And I am content.
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